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Industrial Flooring

KELRAY Ltd provides complete industrial and commercial flooring solutions across Wales and the South West.

Resin flooring South Wales & South West

With over twenty years of experience in the resin flooring industry we provide a high quality, seamless finish and excecute all flooring installations to the highest of standards. 


Our services include:

Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring • Resin Flooring • Resin Screed Flooring • Flow Applied Flooring

Floor Preparation  • Floor Seal, Coating & Repair • Wall & Surface Coatings


So, what industries do we work in?

  • Food Manufacturing (Bakeries, Meat Processing Environments, Cold Rooms, Blast Freezers, Packaging Areas, etc)
  • Drinks Manufacturing (Dairies, Breweries, Soft Drink Manufacturers, Cool Storage Areas, etc)
  • Automotive Industry (Production Areas, Loading Bays, Garage Floors, Hangars, Storage Areas, etc)
  • Chemical Processing (Dry & Liquid Manufacturing Areas, Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Storage Areas, etc)
  • Healthcare & Medical (Corridors & Reception Areas, Waiting Areas, Operating Rooms, Commercial Areas, etc)
  • Leisure Facilities (Fitness Rooms, Gym Areas, Showes & Changing Areas, Toilet & Kitchen Facilities, etc)
  • Education (Receptions & Corridors, Toilet & Kitchen Areas, Gymnasiums, Changing Room Facilities, Classrooms, etc)


We are longstanding members of FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) who are the leading authority for resin flooring throughout the UK. All our flooring solutions are executed with great care and with minimum downtime/disruption to your business.  At the same time we can ensure that your floor complies with Health & Safety regulations and are designed to withstand the most demanding of environments to suit your industry and use.

We guarantee quality as well as excellent customer service. If you’d like to discuss any of our flooring solutions or would like a free on-site assessment, please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Click here for a resin flooring application video