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                                                          "We are a company committed to training"

With over thirty years of experience within the industry and ten years trading as a limited company, KELRAY Ltd has developed into a reputable company that continues to grow in both performance and success.  

We are a company dedicated to training our staff and broadening their skills and we believe that effective training can boost morale, productivity and reliability within the working environment.  Our staff exprience the highest standards of training and working practice and because of this we can guarantee to deliver a professional work ethic.  Our tradesmen are trained to work following the 'KELRAY way' and methods of training.

We recognise the importance of our employee's continuous development in:

  • Helping them to improve and develop performance in their current role,
  • Preparing them for future needs within the company, 
  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of service in all fields.

Training needs/ opportunities are identified during our annual job chats and when offered ad hoc from external and internal sources.  We believe that our annual job chats are useful when developing our training plan as it helps to meet customer needs and enhance the skill range of the company as a whole.  

KELRAY Ltd's training ethos is defined by it's ability to train it's staff to perform to the highest possible standard of service at all times.  This is apparent in everyday working life as our employee's excecute discipline and professionalisim in their everyday works.  It is clear that without constructive training our employee's would not be able to perform to their full potential hence why we are well focussed on training.